You asked: Do Portuguese people talk fast?

Approximately yes. And IMHO, perhaps biased, since Portuguese has a more complex phonology and the separation between syllables is less stressed, equally fast speech in both languages is easier to understand in Spanish.

Do Portuguese people talk loud?

It’s like this, some Portuguese talk loud because they have no social graces, but even the ones exuding them get caught up in themselves or the excitment/indignation of the moment and they raise their voices, many not even realizing it.

Do Brazilians speak faster than Portuguese?

No. Continental Portuguese, in most variations, suppresses vowels during the speech (consonantal clustering) what makes it faster than Brazilian.

Is Portuguese more friendly than Spanish?

Portuguese people are – by far – more polite than Spanish people. You can see it by simply going to a supermarket: in Portugal, the cashier will look at your eyes, smile and salute you; in Spain, sometimes they just point to the screen so that you know the price and don’t even say a word.

Can a Portuguese person understand Spanish?

Originally Answered: Can Portuguese speakers naturally understand Spanish? Yes, they can. The Portuguese understand Spanish quite well, even if they have not studied it. When I had not yet learned Portuguese, when I visited this country I spoke Spanish and I had no problem.

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