Why is my Portuguese water dog shedding?

Contrary to what some breeders claim, the Portuguese Water Dog is NOT a good choice for people with allergies. This breed is not hypoallergenic. He produces dander and he sheds. What happens is that most of his shed hairs get caught in his touseled coat rather than ending up on your floor.

How often should you brush a Portuguese water dog?

Bathe your dog every two months and brush his coat once a week or more to maintain a lustrous, healthy coat. Grooming your American Eskimo is beneficial to his coat and skin, and it can also become a bonding activity for both you and your dog.

Can Portuguese water dogs be left alone?

It could be the door.” She says even mature well-trained Portuguese water dogs should only be left alone for about six hours max. They’re called working dogs. … But you must be willing to allow the dogs to exercise. Frequently walks or runs are a must.

How big do Portuguese water dogs get?

Portugese Water

height 17 to 21 inches (female) / 20 to 23 inches (male)
weight 35 to 50 pounds (female) / 40 to 60 pounds (male)
life span 11 to 13 years
breed size medium (26-60 lbs.)
good with children seniors dogs families
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