Why did Portugal develop a trading post empire instead of a traditional empire?

– Portugal created a “trading post empire”. Its goal was to control commerce, not territories or populations. … – At height, they controlled about half of the spice trade to Europe. – The Portuguese gradually assimilated to Indian Ocean trade patterns, carried Asian goods to Asian ports.

Why did Portugal develop a trading post empire?

(Early 16th to Early 17th Century) First built by portuguese mariners. Instead of to control territory, Trading Post Empires were meant to control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to pay duties at fortified trading sites.

Why was Portugal able to establish a trading post empire in the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean?

A political and religious motive was that the Europeans had to go to Venice for trading as it was the very large trading spot for eastern goods, so the Portuguese had to find a sea route to India that bypassed both Venetian and Muslim middlemen.

Why did Spain colonize the Philippines instead of creating a trading post empire like Portugal?

Why did Spain colonize the Philippines instead of creating a trading post empire like Portugal? the Spanish soon realized that they were behind in the race to gain access to the riches of the East.

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Where did Portugal establish a trading post empire?

Taking advantage of the rivalries that pitted Hindus against Muslims, the Portuguese established several forts and trading posts between 1500 and 1510. Portugal established trading ports at far-flung locations like Goa, Ormuz, Malacca, Kochi, the Maluku Islands, Macau, and Nagasaki.

Why is the trading post empire important?

Significance; Trading Post Empires established controlled trade throughout the Indian Ocean by the Portuguese in the 16th and 17th century, and spread the knowledge of Asian waters to other nations.

What did the Portuguese do in order to try to create a trading post empire?

Portuguese mariners built the earliest trading -post empire. They did not want to conquer territories, but to control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to call at fortified trading sites and pay duties there.

What methods were used by the Portuguese to establish a commercial trading empire?

Portuguese: established military bases in key locations through violence and created a trading post empire. They aimed to control commerce not territory and ended up selling shipping services, carrying Asian goods to Asian ports.

What if Philippines was colonized by Portugal?

If the Portuguese colonized the Philippines, it can either lead to Malacca not falling under Dutch with a stronger navy with Malacca and the Philippines combined or Malacca will still fall under VOC and the next target with the Philippines before going to Macau.

Why did Portuguese empire fall?

By the end of the 20th century these colonial empires were history. The rise of Soviet influence in the working class, and the cost of the Portuguese Colonial War (1961–1974), led to the collapse of the Portuguese Second Republic (Estado Novo) in 1974.

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