Why are Chelsea playing both legs in Porto?

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, both legs were to be played at a neutral venue and Sevilla’s ground was the chosen ground.

Why are both legs being played in Seville?

Chelsea and FC Porto will face off against each other in the Champions League quarter-finals in Seville, a neutral venues, instead of their respective home grounds. … But due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, both legs will be played at Sevilla’s Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan.

Who will Chelsea face if they beat Porto?

Chelsea will face either Real Madrid or Liverpool in the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday night after seeing off FC Porto in the quarter-finals. Thomas Tuchel’s men sealed their spot despite a 1-0 defeat in the second leg as their 2-0 win in the first leg was enough to send them through.

Why are Porto and Chelsea in Spain?

Chelsea and Porto will play both legs of the Champions League quarterfinals in neutral Spain because of travel restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. … The venue is the home of Sevilla and hosted Champions League games earlier this season.

Why was Chelsea vs Porto played in Spain?

UEFA were forced to take the aforementioned decision due to the travel restrictions between the United Kingdom and Portugal. While Portugal is no longer on the British government’s red list, one which is consisted of countries on a travel ban, anyone travelling to England will have to go into a 10-day self-isolation.

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Why is CL final in Porto?

Uefa soon realised that they would be unable to secure the quarantine exemptions they needed for media, sponsors and guests to be able to fly into the UK capital. Portugal, and specifically Porto, emerged as the host due to the country placed on England’s “green list” of 12 low-risk territories.

What time is Chelsea vs FC Porto?

What time does Chelsea vs Porto start? The 2020/2021 Champions League quarter-finals second leg between Chelsea and Porto will be played at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán (Seville) and will kick off at 3pm EDT on Tuesday 13 April 2021. That’s 12 noon PDT, 9pm local time in Spain (CEST) and 8pm in the UK (BST).

Are Chelsea through Champions League?

In 2012, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League, becoming the fifth English team, the first and only team from London to date, to win the competition.

Chelsea F.C. in international football.

Club Chelsea
First entry 1958–60 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
Latest entry 2021 UEFA Super Cup
Champions League 2 (2012, 2021)

Did Porto win Champions League?

Porto won the match 3–0, with Carlos Alberto, Deco and Dmitri Alenichev scoring the goals. Deco was named Man of the Match.

2004 UEFA Champions League Final.

Match programme cover
Event 2003–04 UEFA Champions League
Date 26 May 2004
Venue Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen
Man of the Match Deco (Porto)
All about Portugal