Where do MSC cruise ships dock in Lisbon?

Port Lisbon has all 5 cruise ship docking areas – Santa Apolonia, Santa Apolonia Jusante, Alcantara, Rocha Conde d’Obidos (aka “da Rocha”) and the new quay Jardim do Tabaco. Alcantara and Rocha are located close to the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge (famous city attraction).

Where does the cruise ships dock?

Most cruise ships dock at Heritage Quay or the Nevis Pier, or if both are occupied, the commercial pier at Deepwater Harbour.

How early can you board MSC Cruises?

Embarkation begins at the Check-In time shown on the cruise ticket. Check-In closes 90 minutes before the ship departure time, except for American ports, where Check-In closes two hours before.

Where does the MSC cruise go?

Our ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and The Bahamas & Caribbean (featuring our exclusive private island destination, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Our seasonal itineraries include Northern Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar and Saudi Arabia & the Red Sea.

How far is Lisbon port from city Centre?

The port in Santa Apolónia is actually walking distance from the city centre – about 10 minutes from Terreiro do Paço and the Baixa neighbourhood. Alternatively, take those hop-on-hop-off buses or tuk-tuk tours to comfortably see all important sites, or use public transport.

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Where can I drink port wine in Lisbon?

Where to drink Port in Lisbon

  • Taylor’s Port (Alfama) Established in the 17th century, Taylor’s is one of the oldest brands of Port wine in Portugal. …
  • Lisbon Winery (Bairro Alto) …
  • Grapes & Bites (Bairro Alto) …
  • Donna Taça (Avenida) …
  • Chafariz do Vinho (Príncipe Real) …
  • Wine Room Lisboa (Ajuda)

Where is Porto or Lisbon?

While Porto is more of a city for walking and port wine, Lisbon is a city for eating. For a sampling of Lisbon’s best chefs and their best dishes, head to the Time Out Market Lisbon.

How many ports are in Portugal?

There are five key ports in Portugal: Aveiro and the port of Douro and Leixões in the north, and Lisbon, Setúbal and Sines in the south.

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