What happened to Isabella of Portugal?

In 1539, she became pregnant for the seventh time, but contracted another fever in the third month that caused antenatal complications and gave birth to a stillborn son. Isabella died two weeks later on 1 May 1539 at the age of 35, without her husband present.

Did Louis XIV marry Isabella of Portugal?

Isabella Braganza is the Crowned Princess of Portugal. Cardinal Leto was determined to force King Louis to marry the Infanta on the threat of excommunication.

Isabella Braganza.

Isabella Braganza ♔
Born: January 6, 1669
Dies: October 22, 1690
Birthplace: Ribeira Palace, Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal
Originally From: Portugal

How did Isabella the first die?

Queen Isabella of Castile died of natural causes on November 12, 1504. She had been suffering for almost two months with a high fever and dropsy. …

Who ruled in place of Juana the Mad?

Joanna I (6 November 1479 – 12 April 1555), known historically as Joanna the Mad (Spanish: Juana la Loca), was Queen of Castile from 1504 and Queen of Aragon from 1516 to 1555.

Joanna of Castile.

Joanna I
Reign 26 November 1504 – 12 April 1555
Predecessors Isabella I and Ferdinand V
Successor Charles I
Co-monarchs Philip I Charles I
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