What does SDDS mean in Portuguese?

Abbreviation Stands for Translation
sdd / sdds saudade / saudades There isn’t a translation for this word! But it means something similar to “miss you.”
kd cadê “Where”
tbm / tb também “Too” / “As well”
vdd verdade “True”

What does D+ mean in Brazil?

Dictionary of Brazilian Portuguese Internet Slang

D+ (demais) – A lot. eh (é) – An easier way of typing é. ( He is; She is; It is; That’s right) etm (eu te amo) – I love you.

What does SS mean in Brazil?

What is the meaning of SS abbreviation in Brazil? The meaning of SS abbreviation is `Strictly Soft` in Brazil.

What does BB mean in Brazil?

(Britain) abbreviated noun. (= Boys’ Brigade) movimento de meninos. Copyright © 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers.

What Cafune means?

The act of caressing or tenderly running fingers through a loved one’s hair” is a mouthful mercifully avoided in Brazil with the term cafuné. This affectionate action can be applied to lovers and pets alike, as can the term chamego, which wraps up the senses of intimacy, infatuation, and cuddling, all in one term.

What it means to be Portuguese?

(pɔːʳtʃʊgiːz ) 1. adjective. Portuguese means belonging or relating to Portugal, or its people, language, or culture.

What is a in Portuguese?

All words in Portuguese are either masculine or feminine. This includes the word for “a / an”. masculine: a / an = “um” (pronounced “ooong”) feminine: the = “uma” (pronounced “oooma”)

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