What did the Japanese think of the Portuguese?

The Japanese were fascinated by the Portuguese because of their ships, exotic appearance, costumes, language, and merchandise. They depicted these foreigners in great detail in paintings and screens. This work portrays the arrival of a Portuguese ship at the port of Nagasaki.

How did the Japanese react to the Europeans?

The major Japanese response to European exploration was one of isolation. … The Japanese knew there were things that the Westerners could sell them that they wanted. So they allowed very limited amounts of trade to be conducted through the port of Nagasaki in Southern Japan.

Why were the Dutch permitted to stay in Japan but not the Portuguese?

The government of Japan restricted the promotion of Christianity because they once experienced a Christian rebellion. So they wanted Dutch men not to walk freely but live in Nagasaki – and wanted to keep them in a “large enough, invisible cage”. A small island was perfect for the purpose.

Did medieval Europe know about Japan?

Japan was unknown to Europeans, Europeans learned of Japan only after visiting China. And the first European in the 16th century that reached Japan actually got there by accident, because they were caught in a storm.

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Why did Japan turn itself into an imperialist power?

Why did Japan turn itself into an imperialist power? Japan turned itself into an imperialist country because it lacked the space, wealth, and resources it needed to grow and become a powerful country.

How did the Portuguese influence Japanese society and culture?

The Portuguese assisted Japan in the fight against the attack of the Kyusu habour, which later became a spot for trading and commercial activities. Portuguese arrival in Japan with guns, weapons and skills for firearms, influenced Japan in ending the civil war, by using these guns and firearms.

What was discovered in Brazil that made it so valuable to the Portuguese?

The answer is gold and diamonds.

What did the daimyo purchase from the Portuguese?

When these Portuguese merchants arrived, the daimyo was intrigued by their peculiar unknown weapons. After he watched a Portuguese shoot down a duck the daimyo purchased two guns and put his sword smith to work making copies.

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