Quick Answer: Who seized the Spice Islands from the Portuguese?

The Portuguese visited the Moluccas first in 1511, and the Dutch took control of them in the early 1600s. To Europeans, they were known as the Spice Islands. Three other areas were important in the east-west trading networks: Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, and the Philippines.

Who took over the Spice Islands from Portugal?

They were referred to as the Spice Islands, and there were many naval battles in the surrounding waters between European empires. The Portuguese had control over the spice islands for most of the 16th and 17th centuries, until 1663 when the Dutch took control.

Which country was famous as the Spice Island?

Moluccas, Indonesian Maluku, also known as Spice Islands, Indonesian islands of the Malay Archipelago, lying between the islands of Celebes to the west and New Guinea to the east.

What country took control of the Spice Islands from Portugal and became rich?

By 1810 the Kingdom of Holland was a vassal of Napoleonic France and Great Britain along with the East India Company sought to control the rich Dutch spice islands in the East Indies.

Invasion of the Spice Islands.

Date 15 February – 31 August 1810
Result British victory

Who is the captain in searching for spices?

Under the command of captain Juan Sebastian Elcano, the expedition later reached the Spice Islands and, to navigate back to Spain and avoid seizure by the Portuguese, the two remaining ships split, one attempting unsuccessfully to reach New Spain sailing eastwards across the Pacific while the other, commanded by Elcano …

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Who took over the spice trade?

The Dutch took direct control of the Spice Islands and captured Malacca (1641), Colombo (1656), and Cochin (1663). By controlling the source of the spices, the Dutch could now impose their own terms on the global spice trade and import to Europe three times the quantities of spices the Portuguese could transport.

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