Quick Answer: What do you eat with Portuguese red wine?

What goes well with Portuguese wine?

Full-bodied whites and light to medium reds (if not too fruity) are both suitable for pairing with Bacalhau dishes. Arinto, Loureiro, Antão Vaz and other whites go well with these fish and seafood dishes, provided they are not oaked. A rich Viosinho or blends of Gouveio, Roupeiro ad Rabigato would be also work well.

What food goes with Douro wine?

Pairs well with red, savory meats, grilled or roasted. Foods and Entrees that usually pair: Beef, lamb, game, chicken, turkey, veal or pork grilled, roasted or braised, chili, hamburgers, meatloaf, mushrooms, cheese based pasta, risotto.

What do you eat with Dao wine?

Red wines such as Encruzado from the Dao Region make a perfect match with this specific seafood. Being creamy and with matching tropical flavors, the wines stand out and complement the heaviness of the meal. It is a combination that you should try if you ever find yourself in the coastal region of Portugal.

What do you drink with Portuguese Chicken?

Recommended wines for:

  • South African Cabernet Sauvignon. wine type. red wine, dry, oaked.
  • Burgundy Chardonnay. wine type. Chardonnay. Burgundy.
  • Californian Pinot Noir. wine type. red wine, dry, oaked. Pinot Noir.
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What is the benefit of red wine?

Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent coronary artery disease, the condition that leads to heart attacks.

Is Douro full bodied?

Intensely rich, full-bodied red. Wine of Douro Valley, Portugal.

Contains: Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites.

Alcohol By Volume 13.5
Tasting Notes Aroma dominated by ripe fruits, blackberries, prunes and cassis, with some spices aromas from the oak barrels. Full bodied, with well-balanced acidity.
Units 10.1

What wine goes with piri piri chicken?

Notes: Famous for it’s spicy marinade, Piri Piri, originating from Africa means pepper pepper in Swahili. Choose from our list of New World Chardonnay, Verdelho or Sauvignon Blanc to compliment this spicy chicken dish.

Is Dão wine good?

The top Dão wines are now some of the most highly rated in Europe, winning consistent praise on both sides of the Atlantic. The Dão viticultural region is in the north of the country. It takes its name from the Dão river, along which the majority of the region’s vineyards are located.

Where is the Dão region in Portugal?

The Dão region in central Portugal lies to the south of the legendary Douro Valley. For many years the Dão was associated with highly tannic, fairly ordinary reds. Recently, some very handsome reds and ever-improving whites have emerged and gained national and international recognition.

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