Question: What alcohol is popular in Portugal?

Portugal is known for many things – football, Fado, tourism, to name just three, but I really love the country’s food and drink. One alcoholic treat that is sold in more than 40 countries around the world is Licor Beirão, Portugal’s favourite spirit which has been produced in the J.

What’s the national drink of Portugal?


IBA official cocktail
Primary alcohol by volume Cachaça
Served On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnish sugarcane, lime(ingredient)
Standard drinkware Old fashioned glass

What is the drinking age in Portugal?

Liquor Laws — You must be 18 to drink in Portugal.

Does Portugal make whiskey?


“Venakki is not scared of going gung-ho on the flavour front and providing edge of the seat, gripping entertainment…”

What is the best Portuguese brandy?

Shop Portuguese Brandy

  • 1920 Brandy. $17.99 – $27.59. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. 2reviews.
  • Constantino Brandy. $12.99 – $23.46.
  • Croft Brandy. $32.99.
  • Macieira Five Star Brandy. $14.99 – $21.99.
  • Macieira Royal Spirit.
  • Tondela Grilos Vinho Tinto.
  • Joao Pires Muscat. $14.95.
  • Macieira Brandy.
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