Question: Does Portugal qualify for round of 16?

Euro 2020: Portugal And France Qualify For Round Of 16 After 2-2 Draw In Budapest.

Has Portugal qualified for the round of 16?

Defending champions Portugal finished third on the table, qualifying as one of the best third-placed teams. Ronaldo and his team will now have to travel to Seville in Spain to face World number 1 in FIFA rankings Belgium in round of 16 match.

Which teams qualify for Euro round of 16?

Round of 16

  • Wales vs Denmark (5pm, Amsterdam)
  • Italy vs Austria (8pm, London) …
  • Netherlands vs Czech Republic (5pm, Budapest)
  • Belgium vs Portugal (8pm, Seville) …
  • Croatia vs Spain (5pm, Copenhagen)
  • France vs Switzerland (8pm, Bucharest) …
  • England vs Germany (5pm, London)
  • Sweden vs Ukraine (8pm, Glasgow)

How do you qualify for a round of 16 in Euro 2020?

The top two from each group will qualify for the final tournament, determining the first 20 places. The last four EURO places will be won through the European Qualifiers play-offs, which will be contested by the 16 UEFA Nations League group winners (i.e. the four group winners in each of the four divisions).

Are Portugal out of Euro 2021?

Defending champions Portugal were knocked out of Euro 2020 by Belgium on Sunday night at Sevilla. … Ronaldo took a sensational freekick in the first half, but it was saved by a dive from Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

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Who won Euro 2020?

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