Is Portuguese citizenship good?

Of course, Portuguese residency is beneficial in and of itself, but it’s also a gateway to full citizenship. … Once you’re a fully-fledged Portuguese (and therefore EU) citizen, you can work and live freely across the entire EU and travel on visa-free or visa-on-arrival terms to around 172 countries.

Is it worth getting a Portuguese passport?

In fact, Portugal has been listed as one of the best countries to live in Europe, not to mention it has the best overall life quality. The best part is, you don’t even need to have a Portuguese passport to enjoy all the benefits and perks that come with living in this beautiful country.

How hard is it to get Portuguese citizenship?

However, the Portuguese citizenship application is more demanding than obtaining permanent residence, and Portuguese passport costs are typically higher. In some cases you may also need to give up citizenship of your home country, although many nationals qualify for dual citizenship.

Is it easy to get Portuguese citizenship?

The Golden Visa Route

If you have money to invest in a property or business, Portugal’s golden visa, or ARI visa, is one of the easiest routes to acquiring Portuguese citizenship. … Portugal is one of several European countries that offers a residency permit to those who invest in Portugal.

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Will Brexit affect Portuguese passport holders?

The Withdrawal Agreement protects the rights of all Portuguese citizens in the UK, including those of Goan-origin. So, those living in the UK prior to the 1 January 2021, will be able to remain in the UK under the EU settlement scheme.

Can you buy Portuguese citizenship?

No, you can’t buy Portuguese citizenship. However, you can obtain residency through investing in Portugal, and then apply for citizenship in five years. Investors can choose to make a property investment, a subscription in an investment fund, or a capital transfer to a Portuguese bank account.

How can I get permanent residency in Portugal?

To obtained Portugal, Permanent residence’ foreign nationals must have five years of a temporary home subject to none absent from Portugal territory regular more than six months or few eight months in a year and golden visa program exempt form stay.

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