Is Cat masculine or feminine in Portuguese?

Male Female Translation
O gato A gata Cat
O coelho A coelha Rabbit (Buck / Doe)
O galo A galinha Cockerel / Hen
O porco A porca Pig / Sow

Is the word cat feminine or masculine?

There is no masculine and feminine gender for cat, snake, mosquito etc. To specify gender male or female is used. However when a female cat is expecting a kitten or had one recently then ‘queen’ is a word used for her. And ‘ tom’ or ‘tomcat’ is used for male cat.

Is dog masculine or feminine in Portuguese?

they(fem) for female groups, but if it’s a group of both males and females, you have to use eles, even if there’s only one man!

1. Same Root Word, Modified for Each Gender.

Masculine Feminine
cão dog(male) cadela dog(female)
rapaz boy rapariga girl
padrinho godfather madrinha godmother

What gender is cat in Spanish?

Since you know the gender of the cat is female, then it is ‘la gata‘ . It the gender if the cat is unknown or make, then it would be ‘el gato’. La gata. La is for female while El is for male.

Is there a feminine form of gato?

I have noticed in the dictionary that the word ‘cat’ (el gato) is listed as a masculine or feminine noun – ie el gato = male cat, la gata = female cat.

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What are girl cats called?

An unspayed female is called a queen, especially in a cat-breeding context. A juvenile cat is referred to as a kitten.

What is a in Portuguese?

All words in Portuguese are either masculine or feminine. This includes the word for “a / an”. masculine: a / an = “um” (pronounced “ooong”) feminine: the = “uma” (pronounced “oooma”)

What are the colors in Portuguese?

Learn to name and pronounce the colors in Portuguese with this quick guide.

  • The color — a cor.
  • Red — vermelho.
  • Orange — laranja.
  • Yellow — amarelo.
  • Green — verde.
  • Blue — azul.
  • Pink — rosa.
  • Brown — marrom.

What GATA means?

It means “cat” (yes, the animal) but here, in Brazil, this word can also be used when we think a person, man or woman, is attractive, for example: “Ela é uma gata” translated. “She is hot”

Is gatita a bad word?

Gatita is a term of endearment and has no negative connotations at all.

What is the meaning of Gato?

noun. cat [noun] a small, four-legged, fur-covered animal often kept as a pet. tomcat [noun] a male cat.

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