How much is a train ticket from Lisbon to Cascais?

A single ticket from Lisbon to Cascais requires a four-zone fare and costs €2.25/€1.15 (adult/child). There are no return tickets, so the price of a return is €4.50/€2.30 (adult/child); the price of two single tickets.

How do I get from Lisbon to Cascais?

Cascais is connected to Lisbon by a regular and inexpensive regional railway. This train departs Lisbon, from the Cais do Sodre train station (GPS 38.705949, -9.145301) and the journey takes 33 or 40 minutes, with a ticket costing €2.25/€4.50 (single/return).

How much is a taxi from Lisbon to Cascais?

The most convenient and fast method to reach Cascais is by Lisbon airport taxi. The ride costs approximately 40€ and takes around 35 minutes. The less expensive, but slower and indirect alternative is the train. The whole journey will cost only 6.20€, but the average travel time is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Is it worth going to Cascais?

Today, Cascais is a charming town, which elegantly blends the fishing heritage, the 19th-century grandeur, and the expectations of modern tourism. Cascais is a popular holiday destination, but is equally suited for a day trip, with sufficient sights and activities to easily fill a day of sightseeing.

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Which is better Sintra or Cascais?

To start with, Cascais has a better range of tourist facilities than Sintra, with a larger selection of restaurants, shops and bars. Cascais has also the advantage of being close to a series of fantastic beaches, including both the exciting surfing beach of Guincho and the popular, paradise-like beach of Carcavelos.

Is it better to stay in Lisbon or Cascais?

Lisbon is much better as regards restaurants, experiencing real life, culture, views, almost everything. I would stay in Cascais only if your main point is staying close to the beach.

Can you do Sintra and Cascais in one day?

1. Re: Possible to do Sintra and Cascais in one day? It’s possible but it’s a bit tight. Some tours sold in hotels even do that in half-day.

Is Cascais Portugal safe?

Crime rates in Cascais, Portugal

Level of crime 11.41 Very Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 52.94 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen 19.98 Very Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 21.12 Low
Worries car stolen 15.44 Very Low

Is Uber in Portugal?

Once banned in Portugal, Uber is now available in several cities in Portugal like Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and across the Algarve. It’s also not the only taxi app that you can use in Portugal. There are plenty of others like Bolt (previously Taxify) and Free now (previously MyTaxi).

How much time do you need in Cascais?

How many days to spend in Cascais, Portugal? If you’re short in time, then 1 day in Cascais will be enough to explore the cute historic centre of Cascais and you can even visit a beach. If you have more time, I’d recommend staying for at least 1-2 nights in Cascais.

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Can you swim in Cascais?

The beaches in the center of Cascais have calm waters, but there are also waves for surfers. The coastline extending to the west of Lisbon leads to Cascais, an affluent seaside suburb. It’s known for its sandy beaches and a calm sea, although there are also waves for surfers.

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