How do you spell School in Portuguese?

A school is “Escola” in Portuguese.

How do you say high school in Brazilian Portuguese?

How to say ‘High school’ in both European and Brazilian Portuguese – Quora. In Brazil, at present, is called “Ensino Médio”.

What does GG mean in Portuguese?

GG [abbreviation]

volume_up. 1. ” good game“, IT, colloquial. bom jogo {m}

What do you call a Portuguese girl?

, knows Portuguese. In Brazil, “Senhorita” would sound more archaic to somebody but, depending with whom you are talking, sounds more polite and formal. “Menina” is a term more used to female children . “Moça” is more appropriate than “Menina” to be used with young ladies. 316 views.

How do you say school in Brazil?

A school is “Escola” in Portuguese.

What do you call high school in Portugal?

Secondary Education (Ensino Secundário)– public, private or cooperative – is compulsory since the school year of 2012/2013 and consists of a three-year cycle after basic education.

How do you laugh online in Portuguese?

Brazilian Internet Laughter: Why And How It Is Used

  1. A fairly common way of laughing online in Brazil is using the letter “k” several times, like kkkkk. …
  2. The letters rs are a contraction of the word “risos”, which purely means laughter in Portuguese.
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Do Brazilians say Jaja?

In Brazil, people speaking in Portuguese use the abbreviation “kkk” all the time, which is real jarring if you’re American. … So “haha” becomes “jaja” and “hehe” becomes “jeje.” Goodbye is “a2” because read aloud it’s “a-dos” — one letter away from “adios.”

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