How do you say your name in Portuguese?

what’s your name? qual é o seu nome?

How do you say what’s your name in Portuguese?

What is your name? Qual é o seu nome?

Do you say she in Portuguese?

1) Study (and memorize!) the following tables:

Singular English Portuguese
you (semiformal) você
he ele
she ela

How do you say hello What’s your name in Portuguese?

what’s your name? qual é o seu nome?

What is your name informal Portuguese?

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Hello! / Good morning! Bom dia!
What is your name? (formal; male) Como o senhor se chama?
What is your name? (informal) Qual é o seu nome?
My name is… Me chamo…
Nice to meet you. Prazer em conhecê-lo

What is my name in Brazilian?

“My name is” in Brazilian Portuguese means: “Meu nome é” My name is Paulo = Meu nome é Paulo.

What is introduction in Portuguese?

[ɪntrəˈdʌkʃən ] introdução f. of person) apresentação f. a letter of introduction uma carta de recomendação.

How do you introduce yourself in Europe?

Topic 1: How to Introduce yourself in a more formal way

  1. Start by saying, Oi, meu nome é…
  2. Say your name. Oi, meu nome é Paloma.
  3. You say Prazer em conhecê-lo.
  4. Pay attention to the end of the sentence. This version is only used if you are introducing yourself to a man, because you say conhecê-lo.
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How do you say you plural in Portuguese?

VÓS: This is the plural form of “you”, or SECOND PERSON PLURAL. It is formal in Portugal.

How do you spell need in Portuguese?

(1) precisar

PRECISAR = to need. Precisar is a little tricky because you must always put a “de” after it unless it’s followed by a verb. Here it is follwed by another verb: Preciso comprar protetor solar agora!

What is information technology in Portuguese?

American English: information technology /ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃən tɛkˈnɑlədʒi/ Brazilian Portuguese: informática. Chinese: 信息科技

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