How do you pronounce Cascais in Portuguese?

Is it better to stay in Lisbon or Cascais?

Lisbon is much better as regards restaurants, experiencing real life, culture, views, almost everything. I would stay in Cascais only if your main point is staying close to the beach.

Do they speak English in Cascais Portugal?

English is widely spoken in Cascais, so you should not have a problem being understood. French and Spanish could be helpful as well, but be very careful using Spanish, as some Portuguese people may find it rude to be addressed in that language.

Is Cascais Portugal worth visiting?

Cascais is a suburb of Lisbon to all intents and purposes. It is a popular destination for days out in the summer as it has a small beach and there are a lot more a short bus ride from the station. I enjoyed a nice walk around one day. There are some nice parts up on the hill and beyond.

Is Cascais Portugal expensive?

Cascais is one of the most expensive areas in the whole of Portugal, however, there are still some less expensive investment options to be found.

Should I stay Cascais or Sintra?

To start with, Cascais has a better range of tourist facilities than Sintra, with a larger selection of restaurants, shops and bars. Cascais has also the advantage of being close to a series of fantastic beaches, including both the exciting surfing beach of Guincho and the popular, paradise-like beach of Carcavelos.

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Which is better Cascais or Estoril?

We personally prefer Cascais to Estoril. There are many more sights and activities in Cascais, and the best beaches are easily accessible from both towns. Cascais makes for a great destination for a holiday; please click here to read our suggested guide for a one week holiday to Cascais.

How much is taxi from Lisbon to Cascais?

The most convenient and fast method to reach Cascais is by Lisbon airport taxi. The ride costs approximately 40€ and takes around 35 minutes. The less expensive, but slower and indirect alternative is the train. The whole journey will cost only 6.20€, but the average travel time is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Is Cascais cheaper than Lisbon?

You would need around 3,033.05€ in Lisbon to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 3,500.00€ in Cascais (assuming you rent in both cities).

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