How did Lisbon get caught?

Does Lisbon get caught in Money Heist?

After being liberated from police custody in Money Heist season 4’s finale, Raquel Murillo a.k.a. Lisbon surprised fans by joining the other Dalí robbers inside the Bank of Spain, rather than trying to escape.

Why did they bring Lisbon to the Bank?

In order for the intelligence team to not suspect anything, a woman who looked like Lisbon was used in a swap and took her place before being taken to prison. Some fans thought The Professor would see Lisbon again after her rescue but rather than bringing her back, he sends her to the Bank of Spain.

Why did Raquel become Lisbon?

She started as a cop on a mission to spoil The Professor’s plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. But due to a turn of events, she ends up joining the gang and acquiring the name of Lisbon. She also falls in love with The Professor (Álvaro Morte) and becomes his right-hand woman in the plan.

Did The Professor rescue Lisbon?

They have managed to rescue Lisbon, but their darkest moment is upon them after losing one of their own. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time, doesn’t have an escape plan.

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Is Berlin still alive in season 3?

Despite his death, he appears in a main role in part 3 through flashbacks to several years earlier, showing his original planning of the Bank of Spain heist and being married to a woman named Tatiana.

Who is the fake Lisbon Money Heist?

Raquel Murillo (Lisbon) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Itziar Ituño. She was an inspector for the National Police Corps who was put in charge of the investigation before she was forced to resign for failing to stop the robbery at the Royal Mint.

Does the professor free Lisbon?

Money Heist: Lisbon escapes from prison

Following an intricate escape plan, The Professor managed to free Lisbon and replace her with a civilian lookalike – but fans have been left with a few questions.

Did Professor really love Raquel?

Part 1. The Professor recruited 8 robbers to carry out a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, a heist that his father had planned. Under the false identity of Salvador “Salva” Martín, he was able to get closer to the lead inspector assigned to the Royal Mint robbery, Raquel Murillo, and the pair eventually fell in love.

Is Raquel really with Sergio?

At this point, basically everything. Ever since this whole mess started Raquel has been tasked with finding out who was responsible for this heist. Little did she know that the notorious “Professor” was actually her boyfriend, Sergio. That changed when Raquel laid a trap for the Professor.

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