Frequent question: Who is the best goalkeeper in Portugal?

Name Age
1 Rui PatrícioGK 30
2 Anthony LopesGK 27
3 BetoGK 36
4 Diogo CostaGK 18

Who is the best Portuguese goalkeeper of all time?

The most capped Portuguese goalkeeper is Rui Patrício, who has played 97 international matches since 2010. The first player to reach 25 caps was Xico, in his final appearance on 17 June 1951.

Who is Portugal’s number one keeper?

Rui Patrício

Personal information
Place of birth Regueira de Pontes, Portugal
Height 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Position(s) Goalkeeper
Club information

What was Portugal’s secret weapon?

Petiscos is a bit like its Spanish cousin ‘Tapas’, but with a delightful twist often based on the herbs, spices and other ingredients used – my favourite being figs, oh and honey, and cheese, and sardines.

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