Frequent question: How do I nominate a fiscal representative in Portugal?

You can nominate your Fiscal Representative online, at the Finanças portal, as long as you are registered. You will need to know their NIF. Once you have done this, they will need to accept the nomination online as well.

Who can be a fiscal representative in Portugal?

Who needs a Fiscal Representative? Any non-resident individual or company resident outside the EU who owns property, holds a bank account or has any other commercial activity or interest in Portugal must by law appoint a Fiscal Representative that is registered with the Tax Department.

How much does a fiscal representative cost in Portugal?

This is typically something like €200 for the NIF and then €200 per year for fiscal representation, although fees vary from around €50 to as much as €1,000., for example, charges $150 to obtain a NIF (or $140 when you use the code PORTUGALIST), which includes 12 months of fiscal representation.

Who can be a fiscal representative?

A fiscal representative can be a legal entity or private individual who is resident in the country where you need a representative. If you do not have any local presence in the country where the activity takes place, you will normally appoint a tax advisor to act as fiscal representative for your business.

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Why do I need a fiscal representative?

In most countries, the fiscal representative is required by the local tax code to ensure that: The foreign trader is properly registered with the local tax office. The trader is fully compliant with rules on invoicing, VAT treatment, exchange rates etc.

What does a fiscal representative do?

A Fiscal Representative is a special type of VAT agent for foreign businesses with a VAT registration in another country. They are responsible for the correct calculation and reporting of VAT of their client, and are the first point of call for the local tax office in the case of questions or audits.

How do you get a fiscal number in Portugal?

EU residents, can apply for a fiscal number in person in Portugal. In order to apply for your tax card and fiscal number, you will need to visit a local tax office (Financas) with some official identification (such as a passport or EU identification card).

Can I get a Portuguese NIF online?

Since Covid, it’s possible to get a NIF online through the Finanças Portal rather than having to go to the Finanças office. The downside of this is that you need a person who’s permanently resident in Portugal to be your tax representative. … This application can be done via the Portal das Finanças website.

Do I need a fiscal representative in Portugal after Brexit?

All non-EU residents including UK expats who own property, hold a bank account or have any other commercial activity or interest in Portugal must by law appoint a Fiscal Representative that is registered with the Tax Department.

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Who is a tax representative?

Tax Representative means a person authorized in accordance with law to conduct part or all activities of the taxpayer pertaining to the fulfilment of tax liabilities; Sample 1.

What is a general fiscal representative?

A general fiscal representative is a local entity that helps foreign traders to register their company for VAT in their own name. This allows traders to apply for an Article 23 import license, which if granted will mean they avoid paying VAT on the clearance of their goods into the Netherlands.

Which EU countries require fiscal representatives?

The following EU countries require fiscal representatives for non-EU established businesses with local EU VAT registrations.

EU VAT fiscal representative countries.

EU Country Fiscal representative required? Comments
Belgium Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Croatia Yes
Cyprus Yes Some excemptions for direct registrations

Do I need a fiscal representative in Netherlands?

In general, EU and non-EU businesses do not need a fiscal representative when registering for VAT purposes in the Netherlands. Unlike other EU countries, EU and non-EU companies can register directly for VAT in the Netherlands.

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