Did Lisbon die in the mentalist?

Red John once tested their relationship when he ordered Jane to bring him Lisbon’s dead body as a “gift”. Lisbon has suffered injuries during the course of the Red John investigation. In the third season finale (Strawberries and Cream), Lisbon is shot in the shoulder by Craig O’Laughlin, Van Pelt’s fiancé.

Does Jane and Lisbon die in the mentalist?

With The Mentalist’s fate in limbo last spring, the show’s creator Bruno Heller and top lieutenant Tom Szentgyorgyi gave fans a Jane-Lisbon happily ever after in the season’s finale, which ended with him stopping her plane and professing his love.

What did Bosco whisper to Jane?

When he was dying in the hospital, he whispered “Tyger Tyger” to Patrick Jane in his last breath.

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