Can I buy a car in Spain and bring it to Portugal?

You can buy a car in any EU country and take it to any other, but, as has been pointed out to you, there will be taxes to pay, particularly if you have owned the car for less than 6 months.

Can you buy a car in Spain and drive to Portugal?

It’s important to point out that you cannot simply drive your UK car to Portugal and use it there indefinitely. Nor should you get around the rules by driving over the Spanish border and back every now and then. … It is legal to run an insured, EU-registered vehicle in Portugal for up to six months.

How do I import a car from Spain to Portugal?

Step by step guide to import a car to Portugal

  1. Get your “Import a car to Portugal” file. …
  2. Access to “Portal das Finanças” …
  3. Certificate of Conformity (COC) and its homologation. …
  4. IMT model 9 form. …
  5. Fill out the DAV. …
  6. Pay the DUC. …
  7. Inspection. …
  8. Taxes to Import a car to Portugal.
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Can I bring my own car to Portugal?

The government of Portugal gives people the opportunity to bring their car and drive for personal use up to 180 days a year. As long as the vehicle is a registered vehicle, and it is registered by you, it will only be used by you and your family in the country.

Are cars cheaper in Portugal than Spain?

The best-selling car in 2018, the 90 horse power Renault Clio Zen model which costs €1,700 less in Germany than in Portugal and €2,000 more than in Spain. … The diesel version costs around €5,000 more. “There is no fiscal harmony in the European Union.

Can you drive through Spain to Portugal?

Spain and Portugal are both part of the European Union, so visitors are free to travel from one to the other. … Most rental companies in Spain and Portugal will let you take their cars across the border. However, it’s always worth checking the Ts&Cs of your deal before you book.

Is it safe to drive in Spain and Portugal?

Spain is the fifth safest country to drive in the EU with 36 deaths per million inhabitants which makes it safer than the EU average at 51 (which is the same as France). Portugal is a little below the EU average with 61 deaths per million but still ahead of places such as Belgium and Greece. See stats for more.

How much is vehicle tax in Portugal?

In Portugal, there are no taxes when you buy an used car – you’ll only pay the registration fee (about 55€/65€, online/offline). There are no regional taxes too.

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Can foreigners buy a car in Portugal?

As a foreigner, you can buy a car in Portugal, but you must have : A proof of Portuguese domicile (a rental agreement, proof of purchase of real estate or a resident’s card) ; A tax number (NIF) ; An identity document (CNI, passport, driving license …).

What is the import tax on a car?


Criteria / Applicability Import Duty in %
Used car import 125
Cars CBUs whose CIF value is more than $ 40,000 or Petrol Engine > 3000 CC or Diesel engine > 2500 CC 100
Cars CBUs whose CIF value is less than $ 40,000 and Petrol Engine < 3000 CC and Diesel engine < 2500 CC 60
Two-wheeler CBUs 50

How much does it cost to register a car in Portugal?

Vehicle registration fee, normally around 45 euro.

How does car insurance work in Portugal?

In Portugal, vehicle insurance is legally required to at least third-party liability level. What’s more, it is not the driver but the vehicle that is insured. This means that anyone can safely and legally get behind the wheel of your car at any time (provided they have a clean driving license!).

How do I tax my car in Portugal?

Road tax can be paid at the local Finanças office or via the Internet at e-financas. A password is needed, which can be requested online (in Portuguese).

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