Best answer: Why did he want to get Portugal into the spice trade?

In 1498, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama made the first sea voyage from Europe to India, via the southernmost tip of Africa. The mission was driven by a desire to find a direct route to the places where spices were plentiful and cheap, cutting out the middlemen.

Why did Portugal want spices?

Spices were so important because they helped mask the flavor of not-so-fresh food. Considering the high demand of spices, the supply was scarce which contributed to its high costs. The costs of spices rose so much that spices such as nutmeg and saffron cost more than the same weight of gold.

What was the motivation for the spice trade?

Europeans wanted to expand trade to get Spices, to find precious metals and religion for native americans. Introduce natives to holy Catholic faith. The spices were needed to preserve and flavor the food.

What did the Portuguese attempt to achieve?

The Portuguese goal of finding a sea route to Asia was finally achieved in a ground-breaking voyage commanded by Vasco da Gama, who reached Calicut in western India in 1498, becoming the first European to reach India. The second voyage to India was dispatched in 1500 under Pedro Álvares Cabral.

Why did Europe want spices?

Europeans wanted Chinese silk, porcelain, cotton and spices to help preserve the meat. Since the spice trade route was still land base this made it difficult and expensive for Europe to transport these goods, especially since the Europeans had nothing that the Asians wanted.

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Why were spices so valuable in the 1500s?

Spices saw a lot of uses in Medieval Europe. They were used for incense in churches and around other ceremonies (sweet and pleasant aromas carried important symbolism), so they were important to the church.

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