Best answer: Who is the best team in Portugal?

Rank Club / Country Points
1 FC Porto Portugal 1840
2 Benfica Portugal 1780
3 Sporting Portugal 1758
4 Braga Portugal 1620

Who is the best team in the world 2020?

Updated after matches played on 15 August 2021

Rank Club / Country 1-yr change
1 Bayern München Germany 0 2117
2 Manchester City England 2 1928
3 Real Madrid Spain 2 1912
4 Inter Milan Italy 4 1877

Which football club has the most fans in Portugal?

Benfica has a big number of fans that live close to its stadium- It is estimated that 6 million Portuguese are Benfica fans. Since Portugal is a small country it doesn’t cost much for any of these fans to come to Lisbon on the weekends and see Benfica play.

Which team is based in Portugal?

List of teams (2019–20 season)

Conventional name UEFA short name Official name
Porto FC Porto Futebol Clube do Porto
Rio Ave Rio Ave F.C. Rio Ave Futebol Clube
Santa Clara C.D. Santa Clara Clube Desportivo Santa Clara
Sporting CP/Sporting Sporting Clube de Portugal Sporting Clube de Portugal

Which country is first in FIFA ranking?

Top 20 rankings as of 12 August 2021

Rank Change Team
1 Belgium
2 1 Brazil
3 1 France
4 England

How many trophies have Rangers won in total?

Rangers have won 55 domestic top-flight league trophies.

Which is the No 1 football team?

World Football / Soccer Rankings

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Rk Team Record
1 Brazil 48-6-13
2 Belgium 50-8-10
3 Spain 39-6-23
4 France 52-7-15
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