Your question: Why did Portuguese come to Kenya coast?

Vasco da Gama’s goal was to discover a sea-based route to India. The Portuguese established a presence on the Kenyan coastline by establishing naval bases that would give Portugal control of the Indian Ocean; it was not their goal to settle Kenya.

Why did Portuguese come to Kenya?

They wanted to spread Christianity/reduce the Muslim influence. They wanted to take part in the Coastal trade. To control strategic points on the East African Coast from other European rivals/to act as a supply basis for their sailing vessels. Due to desire for exploration/adventure.

Why did the Portuguese come to East African coast?

– The Portuguese wanted to avoid the traditional land route under Arab Muslims control, led to their coming to the coast of East Africa. – The need to obtain wealth from the East Africa coast like gold, ivory, copper etc. led to their coming to the coast.

Why the Portuguese were able to capture the coast?

The Portuguese wished to share in the profits of the Indian Ocean Trade by imposing taxes and forcing wealthy coastal towns to pay tribute to the king of Portugal. The coast was strategically located and this made it easy to control sea pirates and other rival powers.

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Why did the Portuguese pick interest on the East African coast in the 15th century?

Portugal wanted to monopolize the Indian Ocean trade, and it wanted East African ports as supply stops for Portuguese ships traveling between Asia and Europe.

What is the Cartaz strategy?

What was the Cartaz strategy? Cartaz (plural cartazes, in Portuguese) was a naval trade license or pass issued by the Portuguese in the Indian ocean during the sixteenth century (circa 1502-1750), under the rule of the Portuguese empire. The British navicert system of 1939-45 shared similarities with it.

What effect did the Portuguese have on Indian Ocean trade?

Muslim ships can never pass through but only 4 every year are allowed. In conclusion, the Portuguese transformed and influenced the maritime trade system in the Indian Ocean by force. They took over trading cities, destroyed Muslim trade ships, and imposed taxes to get their way.

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