Your question: How much is it to register a car in Portugal?

Vehicle registration fee, normally around 45 euro.

What do you need to register a car in Portugal?

Obtaining a Portuguese car registration document

  1. Valid ID or passport.
  2. Driver’s license.
  3. Portuguese TIN.
  4. Certificate of Residence.
  5. European Certificate of Conformity.
  6. Technical Inspection Document.
  7. Model 9 previously obtained at IMTT.
  8. Photocopy of your car registration document with the stamp of the customs office.

How much does it cost to register a British car in Portugal?

Register your car

After you register your car, it’s a matter of weeks until you get your Documento Único. The registration will cost you 55€. We also recommend you see our guide about moving to Portugal, and see the requirements, documents and firsts steps you need to take.

How do I register a foreign car in Portugal?

How to register a car in Portugal

  1. Start at an inspection center. First of all, you must take your car to an inspection center. …
  2. Next go to customs. Secondly, you need to go to a customs agent. …
  3. Lastly, use the “register a car” service at IMTT to complete your journey. …
  4. Don’t forget the car insurance.
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How long do I have to register my car in Portugal?

4. Think that you have 12 months to register your vehicle in Portugal.

Can foreigners buy a car in Portugal?

As a foreigner, you can buy a car in Portugal, but you must have : A proof of Portuguese domicile (a rental agreement, proof of purchase of real estate or a resident’s card) ; A tax number (NIF) ; An identity document (CNI, passport, driving license …).

What is the import tax on a car?


Criteria / Applicability Import Duty in %
Used car import 125
Cars CBUs whose CIF value is more than $ 40,000 or Petrol Engine > 3000 CC or Diesel engine > 2500 CC 100
Cars CBUs whose CIF value is less than $ 40,000 and Petrol Engine < 3000 CC and Diesel engine < 2500 CC 60
Two-wheeler CBUs 50

Can I bring my own car to Portugal?

The government of Portugal gives people the opportunity to bring their car and drive for personal use up to 180 days a year. As long as the vehicle is a registered vehicle, and it is registered by you, it will only be used by you and your family in the country.

Can I get an MOT in Portugal?

MOT testing is compulsory in Portugal for all vehicles (including motorbikes) over four years old. Vehicles aged between 4-7 years must be tested every two years and thereafter every year. The test (Inspecção Periódica Obrigatória – IPO) must be carried out at an approved garage.

Why are second hand cars so expensive in Portugal?

Portugal is among the most expensive countries in Europe for cars and transport. Furthermore, this high initial cost cascades down to the price of second-hand vehicles. One small trade-off is that Portugal’s climate means that cars are less susceptible to rust. So at least your car should last longer.

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Do I need to register my car in Portugal?

If you’re bringing a car from overseas into Portuguese territory permanently, you may want to register it. This isn’t necessary if your vehicle is only in the country for 180 days or less, but it’s highly advisable if you’re staying longer.

How long can you drive a foreign car in Portugal?

Tourists and short-term visitors can drive in Portugal for up to six months using their foreign license.

How much tax do you pay to import a car to Portugal?

In Portugal, there are no taxes when you buy an used car – you’ll only pay the registration fee (about 55€/65€, online/offline). There are no regional taxes too.

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