Will Portugal be on UK green list?

Portugal was the only mainstream holiday destination on the green list before it was removed earlier this month. Thousands of Brits were left scrambling for flights home earlier this month, when Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list.

Will Portugal go back on green list?

Will Portugal go back on the green list? Potentially, yes. Travel reviews will be held every three weeks, although many believe the green list will remain small until the threat of variants has diminished and cases in the UK are stable.

Why is Portugal off the green list?

When and why did Portugal come off? Portugal was removed at the traffic light reshuffle on 3 June. Transport secretary Grant Shapps said the presence of the Delta variant in the country as well as a higher positivity rate in the country was behind the move.

Does Portugal stay on the amber list?

The figures suggest Portugal may stay on the amber list for now, which means fully vaccinated Brits can go there and not have to quarantine when they get back. However, Portugal’s own rules saying everyone arriving from the UK has to quarantine for 14 days.

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Is Portugal on the green list?

The decision to remove Portugal from the green list, closely followed by the Balearics less than a month after initial inclusion on the green list, brought travel purchasing back to the same fraught position as last year.”

Is Portugal in the Green Zone?

Although Portugal was originally the only mainstream tourism destination on the green list, it was shunted into the amber category in the first government review back in early June. Thousands of holidaymakers were forced to scramble back to the UK after the last-minute change to avoid quarantine.

Is Portugal on the list?

Portugal and the Azores are on the amber travel list. Check the rules for returning home to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Adults entering the UK from an amber-list country no longer have to quarantine, if they have been fully vaccinated by the NHS.

Will Portugal move to Red List?

Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Trinidad and Tobago moved from amber to red list. Portugal will move from green to amber list 4am, 8 June. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Trinidad and Tobago will move from amber to red list.

What countries are on the green list?

Which countries are currently on the green list?

  • Anguilla (Green watchlist)
  • Antarctica/British Antarctic Territory (Green Watchlist)
  • Antigua and Barbuda (Green Watchlist)
  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Barbados (Green Watchlist)
  • Bermuda (Green Watchlist)
  • British Indian Ocean Territory (Green Watchlist)

Why is Portugal not on the list?

Analysis: Government’s low appetite for risk sparks fury in devastated travel industry. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it was “a difficult decision” and Portugal was downgraded because the government wants to give the UK “the best possible chance of unlocking domestically” on 21 June.

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Is Germany on the green list UK?

even countries have been added to the green travel list in a boost for UK holidaymakers. Germany, Austria, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Latvia have been added to the quarantine-free list, joining popular destinations such as Croatia and Malta.

Will France be on the green list?

Will France make the green list? … France’s seven-day infection rate is 45 per 100,000 people, and its cases have been rising slightly over the last week, meaning it is unlikely to make the green list.

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