Why did the Portuguese rule decline?

Due to poor climatic conditions, Portuguese rule come to an end in East Africa because they suffered from tropical disease example malaria, which killed Portuguese to the large extent and most of them were physically weakened which make then to fail to stand still for the long period of fighting.

What caused the decline of the Portuguese empire?

Fall. The Portuguese Empire, like the British, French and German empires, was fatally damaged by the two world wars fought in the 20th century. These European powers were pressured by the Soviet Union and the United States and by independence movements inside the colonial territories.

What led to the decline of the Portuguese rule in East Africa?

– The Portuguese suffered from the harsh climatic conditions at the Coast of East Africa e.g. sever winter, heavy rainfalls, drought etc. – The Portuguese were attacked by tropical disease like Malaria, small pox, sleeping sickness, yellow fever etc. which killed some of them thus weakened their rule at the coast.

Why did Portuguese fail in India?

The religious policy of the Portuguese was also responsible for their ruin. The establishment of the Mughal Empire was also partly responsible for the downfall of the Portuguese in India. The rise of the Dutch and English powers also created strong rivals in the country. They were more than a match for the Portuguese.

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Who defeated Portuguese in India?

In 1961, the Indian army invaded the state after the Portuguese fired at Indian fishing boats, killing one fisherman. After 36 hours of air, sea and land strikes by the army, General Manuel Antonio Vassalo e Silva, governor general of Goa, signed the “instrument of surrender”, handing over Goan territory to India.

What marked the end of Portuguese?

Example Turkey attacked the coast of East Africa in 1588, also the serious attack were in 1622, in 1697 the Omanis were strong enough to surround fort Jesus but Portuguese refuse to surrender, on 12th December 1698 Arabs were able to break into fort Jesus and this marked the end of Portuguese rule in East Africa.

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