Why did the king of the Kongo Mvemba Nzinga write to the king of Portugal?

In 1526, the king of the Kongo, Nzinga Mbemba (who by this time had adopted the Christian name of Afonso I) began writing a series of twenty-four letters to the Portuguese King Joao III appealing for an end to the slave trade.

What problem is Nzinga writing to the Portuguese king about?

In the excerpt below, Nzinga Mbemba (Afonso I), the king of the Kongo, writes to the Portuguese king to express his concern over the damaging effects of the slave trade.

What was the result of King Afonso’s letter to the king of Portugal in 1526?

The new king, born Nzinga, Mbemba, was renamed Affonso. King Affonso soon realized that his relationship with Portugal had extremely negative consequences, as can be seen from his letter to King John III of Portugal in 1526. In this letter, the king of Kongo appeals to the king of Portugal to end the slave trade.

Who was King Afonso and why was he important?

1460—died 1542), ruler of Kongo (historical kingdom in west-central Africa) and the first of a line of Portuguese vassal kings that lasted until the early 20th century. He is sometimes called “The Apostle of Kongo” for his role in making Kongo a Christian kingdom.

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What religion did the Kongo royalty practice?

Kingdom of Kongo

Kingdom of Kongo Wene wa Kongo or Kongo dya Ntotila Reino do Congo
Common languages Kikongo, Portuguese
Religion Bukongo Roman Catholicism Antonianism (1704–1708)
Government Monarchy

How did the Kongo kingdom fall?

A revolt against Portuguese rule and complicity of the kings led by Álvaro Buta in 1913–14 was suppressed but triggered the collapse of the Kongo kingdom, which was then fully integrated into the Portuguese colony of Angola.

How many slaves were shipped through the port of Luanda?

Between the early 1500s and the mid-1800s, nearly six million captives were embarked for the Americas from West Central African ports including Luanda.

What did Affonso seek from Portugal What kind of relationship did he envisage with the Portuguese?

9. What did King Affonso seek from Portugal, and what kind of relationship did he envisage with the Portuguese? King Affonso wanted the Portuguese to end their slave trade within his Kingdom. With sharing a belief in Christianity it was Affonso’s hope that the Portuguese would respect another Christian and his people.

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