Where is the soccer stadium in Portugal?

How many football stadiums are in Portugal?

Portugal’s home ground is technically the Estádio Nacional, which is a 37,500 capacity stadium in the city of Lisbon.

Key Stats.

Portugal National Team Statistics
Year Formed 1914
Home Stadium Estádio Nacional
Stadium Capacity 37,500
Major Honours European Championships (2016)

What’s the capital of Portugal?

How many stadiums are in England?

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How many football stadiums are in Porto?

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Porto has two stadiums that have been spruced up in the run up to Euro 2004. The two big hitters are FC Porto’s home ground, Estadio do Dragao, and Boavista’s home ground Estadio do Bessa.

Who owns the Stadium of Light?

Did you know facts about Portugal?

8 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Portugal

  • As one of the oldest nations in Europe, Portugal came into existence in 1139. …
  • Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries. …
  • Lisbon was almost destroyed by an earthquake, followed by a tsunami 40 minutes later. …
  • The oldest bookstore in the world is in Lisbon.
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