Where can I top up my travel card in Lisbon?

Where can I buy Lisboa Viva?

Once you arrive in Lisbon, you can buy a Viva Viagem card at:

  • Metro, ferry and suburban train stations from any automatic ticket machine or ticket office. Ticket machines have an English version;
  • Several local PayShop selling points in Lisbon.

How do you pay for public transport in Lisbon?

Fares and Passes. Flat fare on the buses is €1,80 – cash paid on board. Flat fare on the trams (streetcars) is now 2,85 Euros with the object being to make more users buy pre-pay passes. A single ticket on the metro is €1.90 without a rechargeable card, €1,40 with.

How much is metro in Lisbon?

Occasional journeys

Carris/Metro Ticket 1,50€
1 Day ticket (24h)
Carris/Metro 6,40€ Buy
Valid for unlimited journeys on Carris and Metro, networks during 24 hours following the first validation.
Carris/Metro/Transtejo (Cacilhas) 9,55€

How much is train from Lisbon to Sintra?

Tickets cost €1 – €10 and the journey takes 27 min. Alternatively, Comboios De Portugal operates a train from Lisboa – Rossio to Sintra hourly. Tickets cost €2 – €3 and the journey takes 40 min.

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How much is a Lisboa Card?

There are three options for the Lisboa Card, depending on the length of time that you want to be able to use it. A 24 hour Lisboa Card costs: €19 for an adult and €12 for a child. A 48 hour Lisboa Card costs: €32 for an adult and €18 for a child. A 72 hours Lisboa Card costs: €40 for an adult and €21 for a child.

Are trams free in Lisbon?

All of Lisbon’s trams and buses are operated by Carris and the fare system covers all tram routes. A single tram ticket purchased onboard the tram costs €3.00. … A much better option is to purchase the 24-hour public transport ticket, which costs €6.40 and includes all trams, metro and buses in Lisbon.

What is included in Lisbon card?

The Lisboa Card is the official tourist pass of Lisbon. The card is essentially a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card. The Lisboa Card package also includes a free map and small travel guide. In all, the card helps visitors of Lisboa save time and money during their stay in city.

Is Lisbon cheaper than Barcelona?

Lisbon is 12% cheaper than Barcelona.

What is the best way to get around in Lisbon?

The best way to get around Lisbon is on foot and by public transport. Your own two feet are a great way to see the sights – just keep in mind that climbing this city’s hilly streets on foot can be quite the workout. For a change of pace (and to catch your breath), consider using buses, trams, the metro and elevators.

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Is the metro in Lisbon safe?

Lisbon metro is inexpensive, safe and often the fastest method to travel around the capital. There are four metro lines, covering a total of 46km of track and served by 55 metro stations.

How much is a taxi from Lisbon airport to city Centre?

The most convenient method to get to the city centre is by hiring a Lisbon airport taxi. The taxi ride will cost 20€ and it will take approximately 20 minutes to reach your destination. An alternative cheap option is the bus. Tickets for the bus cost 4€ and the trip to the city centre of Lisbon takes around 45 minutes.

Is Lisbon Metro 24 hours?

Travel Lisbon – Discover Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra with an all-in-one ticket for various means of transport. You can travel on all Lisbon urban trains, Carris buses, elevators, funiculars and trams and the Lisbon Metro for 24 hours. Hop on and off wherever you want.

How do I buy a bus ticket in Lisbon?

At each metro station in Lisbon: you can buy individual tickets for the metro, bus, tram or lift, as well as 24-hour tickets with or without the “Zapping” option. Tickets can be purchased from special blue or yellow machines and at the ticket office.

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