What time is the Portuguese Grand Prix on television?

What channel is Portuguese F1 on?

For the entire 2021 F1 season, Channel 4 will broadcast highlights of every qualifying and race on the Saturday and Sunday of each event. The highlights will also be available on Channel 4’s on demand catch up services.

What channel is the Formula 1 race on today?

All races will be broadcast on the U.S. side on the ESPN family of networks, with the United States Grand Prix and Mexico City Grand Prix both airing on ABC.

How can I watch F1 in Portugal?

How can I watch the Portuguese GP?

  1. Channel: Sky Sports F1 HD.
  2. Channel numbers – Sky: 406.
  3. Channel numbers – Virgin Media: 506 (Sky Sports F1 HD)

What time is the Portuguese qualifying?

What time does qualifying for the Portuguese Grand Prix start? Qualifying for Portuguese GP starts at 3pm local time (3pm BST), using the regular Q1, Q2 and Q3 knockout session format.

What time in the UK does the F1 start?

How can I watch the 2021 British Grand Prix? The race coverage starts at 1.30pm BST on Sky Sports F1 and Channel 4.

What time is Formula 1 on Sky Sports?

Sky Sports F1

Time TV Show
6:00 pm Formula 1: Hungarian Grand Prix Grand Prix Sunday
8:15 pm F1 Feature Gtr Race
8:25 pm F1 Feature Ted’s Story Of Ferrari
8:30 pm F1: The Championship Begins V2
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What time is GP qualifying?

Qualifying takes place directly after the 30-minute FP4 session which is set to start at 12:30pm BST (1:30pm local time). The fastest 10 MotoGP riders on the FP1-2-3 combined timesheet automatically head into Q2, with the rest of the riders entering Q1 of qualifying.

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