What role did the location of Kongo play in its interaction with the Portuguese?

What role did the location of Kongo play in its interaction with the Portuguese? The Portuguese were easily accessible to the Kongo and because of that they interacted with each another often.

How did interaction affect Kongo and Portugal?

initial interaction between Kongo and Portuguese were good. They traded copper, iron and ivory in exchange for guns, horses and manufactured goods. Kongo leaders were receptive to Christian religion and the Portuguese sent missionaries to convert Africans to Christianity.

What role did the location of Kongo play in the settlement and prosperity?

The capital and its surrounding area were densely settled—more so than other towns in and near the kingdom. This allowed the manikongo (king of Kongo) to keep close at hand the manpower and supplies necessary to wield impressive power and centralize the state.

What was the relationship between Portugal and Kongo?

Initially, the Kongo were glad to trade with the Portuguese, because the relationship provided a new market for their goods and they received goods from the Portuguese. The Kongo also hoped that the Portuguese would share new technological knowledge.

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What caused the Kingdom of Kongo to weaken and lose its wealth and power to Portugal?

There were also conflicts between foreign powers such as the Portuguese. … The third, and some argue, the most plausible reason for the decline of the Kingdom of Kongo was the conflict between the Counts of Soyo and the Kings of Kongo[lxx]. In the 1500s the city of Mbaze Soyo grew very wealthy on the slave trade[lxxi].

Why was Christianity appealing to many in the Kingdom of Kongo?

Christianity was appealing to many in the kingdom of Kongo, first because it wasn’t forced on them, second because it was fully compatible with existing beliefs: words like spirit, god, [ and holy were rendered directly into equivalent words expressing existing concepts in the Kongo belief system. ]

What did Affonso seek from the Portuguese in his letters?

King Affonso wanted the Portuguese to end their slave trade within his Kingdom. With sharing a belief in Christianity it was Affonso’s hope that the Portuguese would respect another Christian and his people.

What methods were used to capture slaves?

The liberated Africans reported two broad methods of enslavement; kidnapping and judicial proceedings. One of the informants said that he was sold by his relatives, but did not give reasons for the transaction. Kidnapping included not only victims of abduction and trickery but also prisoners of wars or raids.

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