What percentage of Uruguay speaks Portuguese?

56% of the reference population has knowledge of English, being the most widespread language, followed by Portuguese which reaches 29.7% and by French and Italian which reach 10%. Mandarin and German are also spoken in the country with estimates of 0.2% and 1.6% respectively.

How many languages are spoken in Uruguay?

In Uruguay the spoken language is Spanish and the written language is Spanish. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo and the population is 3,360,105 with a total Area of 176,220 kilometers squared.

What are all the languages spoken in Uruguay?

Language in Uruguay

The official language is Spanish. Along the northern border with Brazil, many residents also speak a hybrid of Spanish and Portuguese known as Portuñol. English is widely spoken in tourist resorts.

Do they use Vosotros in Uruguay?

In Spain, vosotros is always used for the plural of “you”, whereas in Latin America it isn’t. … It is used primarily in Argentina, though also shows up in Paraguay, Uruguay, most of Central America, and is even heard in the far south of Mexico and at times in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile.

What is the tax rate in Uruguay?

Income tax on non-residents individuals

IRNR is levied on Uruguayan gross income at rates that vary from 7% to 25%. Income obtained by entities resident, domiciled, or located in LNTJs is taxed at 25%. This tax is mainly collected by way of withholding.

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How do I become a permanent resident of Uruguay?

To apply for residency, you can enter Uruguay as a tourist and make your application in person at Uruguay’s national immigration office, Dirección Nacional de Migración (DNM). a birth certificate. a marriage certificate. a police certificate for each country you’ve lived in during the last five years.

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