What is the Portuguese dance called?

The vira is a traditional dance from Portugal.

What is Portuguese Rancho?

Rancho is a traditional Portuguese folk dance performed in pairs. Rancho is commonly performed in circles, with the dancers in pairs. … Each dance is accompanied by music and performative dancers wear costumes that represent the region of Portugal where that particular dance style originates.

What is Fado dance?

The Fado ORIGINALLY known as the Brazilian Fado was a mixture of dances and song from Brazil in the late 1700’s from a mixture of dances, namely the Spanish Fandango, Lundu (Baia) and the Fofa when this new music reached Portugal these dances and song came to a head with the Black sailors and formed the Fado.

Is the fandango a dance?

Fandango, exuberant Spanish courtship dance and a genre of Spanish folk song. The dance, probably of Moorish origin, was popular in Europe in the 18th century and survives in the 20th century as a folk dance in Spain, Portugal, southern France, and Latin America.

What is National dance example?

National Dances are internationally known, and danced even by the nobility and royalty. … There are five National Dances – the Polonez , the Krakowiak , the Mazur , the Kujawiak and the Oberek – and seemingly infinite amount of regional dances.

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