What is a lagoon called in Portugal?

Moving back to mainland Portugal, the Pateira de Fermentelos, also known simply as Pateira is a natural lagoon, located in the triangle of the municipalities of Águeda, Aveiro and Oliveira do Bairro and is the largest natural lake in the Iberian Peninsula.

What is the terrain of Portugal?

Portugal Geography

Geographic Location Europe
Terrain mountainous north of the Tagus River, rolling plains in south
Highest Point 2,351 Meters
Highest Point Location Ponta do Pico (Pico or Pico Alto) on Ilha do Pico in the Azores 2,351 m
Lowest Point Location Atlantic Ocean 0 m

Can you swim in Faro Portugal?

Faro is rarely considered for its beaches or as a beach destintion, as there are no beaches within walking distance of the city centre. There are beautiful beaches to be found within the Faro region, but a bus or ferry is needed to travel to them.

What is the smallest mountain in Portugal?

Torre (Serra da Estrela)

Location Seia, Guarda District, Portugal
Parent range Serra da Estrela (part of Sistema Central)
First ascent Unknown
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