What have the Portuguese invented?

What did the Portuguese gave to the world?

Portugal brought cinnamon and other spices to the Western world. Again, thank Portugal’s role during the Age of Discoveries for bringing exotic Eastern spices to the Western world.

What new technologies did the Portuguese develop?

Over 500 years ago, the Portuguese consolidated and perfected technology tools such as charts, travel itineraries, needle compasses, ships and caravels. The caravel, a bigger ship with with deeper shallow keel. Had two masts and triangular sails. Was swift and, and most importantly, allowing beating.

Did Portuguese invent ATM?

Portugal was one of the first countries in Europe to develop money withdrawal machines, but these were in a testing phase. In 1985, the first ATM Portuguese network stood out because it had one of the most sophisticated systems ever!

What countries did the Portuguese discover?

In the 1500s, Portugal colonized the present-day west African country of Guinea-Bissau and the two southern African countries of Angola and Mozambique. The Portuguese captured and enslaved many people from these countries and sent them to the New World. Gold and diamonds were also extracted from these colonies.

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