What does Velcro mean in Portuguese?

What does Velcro mean in Brazil?

velcro is Brazilian slang for when 2 women “rub together”


How do you say Velcro in Portuguese?

“velcro strap” in Portuguese

  1. volume_up. cinta de velcro.
  2. volume_up. alça de velcro.

What we call Velcro in English?

Meaning of Velcro in English

a brand name for a type of material that consists of two pieces of cloth that stick together with a system of very small hooks, used to fasten clothes, bags, etc. Fasteners for clothes. belt. buckle. buckled.

What does Premier mean in Portuguese?

The leader of the government of a country is sometimes referred to as the country’s premier. American English: premier /prɪˈmɪər/ Brazilian Portuguese: primeiro-ministro.

What does SS mean in Brazil?

What is the meaning of SS abbreviation in Brazil? The meaning of SS abbreviation is `Strictly Soft` in Brazil.

What does VIXE mean in Portuguese?

“vixe” English translation

{interj.} oh, damn!

Where is Velcro used?

Uses. Velcro fasteners are used in shoes and clothing to replace buttons, laces, zippers and snaps. It is useful for wall hangers, medical bandages and numerous other fastening purposes.

What is Velcro material?

Velcro Fastening on Removable Insulation Blankets: Velcro fastening systems are supplied on rolls of paired woven tapes. The materials used in making these woven tapes are typically one or more of nylon, polyester, and Nomex (a flame-resistant meta-aramid material developed in the early 1960s by DuPont).

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