Quick Answer: Why did Lisbon go back to the bank?

In order for the intelligence team to not suspect anything, a woman who looked like Lisbon was used in a swap and took her place before being taken to prison. Some fans thought The Professor would see Lisbon again after her rescue but rather than bringing her back, he sends her to the Bank of Spain.

Why did they want Lisbon in the bank?

Having Lisbon inside ensures that she is a backup in case the Professor is caught next. Having the Professor and Lisbon together puts the eggs in one basket, which would be foolish to repeat after it already failed them once.

Why did Raquel join the heist?

She was an inspector for the National Police Corps who was put in charge of the investigation before she was forced to resign for failing to stop the robbery at the Royal Mint. Later she joined the group of robbers to rob the Bank of Spain.

Does Lisbon go back to the police?

While in the previous season, Lisbon joined hands with Professor, in season 4 she will go back to work for the police, where she originally started in the series, in order to combat the criminal gang she was once a part of.

Does Berlin Die in Money Heist?

As the team was almost successful with its first heist with two casualties, Berlin chose to stay back and fight the police to clear the way for his team members. Although his character was dead, he did return in Professor’s memories as the heist at the Bank of Spain was his plan.

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How did Lisbon get caught?

With the help of an outside crew and an unfortunate lookalike kidnapped from a salon, Lisbon was liberated while being transported and then smuggled into the Bank of Spain on a helicopter that the police were fooled into thinking was one of theirs.

Is Berlin still alive in Season 3?

Despite his death, he appears in a main role in part 3 through flashbacks to several years earlier, showing his original planning of the Bank of Spain heist and being married to a woman named Tatiana.

Does Raquel figure out Salva is The Professor?

At this point, basically everything. Ever since this whole mess started Raquel has been tasked with finding out who was responsible for this heist. Little did she know that the notorious “Professor” was actually her boyfriend, Sergio.

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