Quick Answer: Who took over the trade with Indonesia from the Portuguese?

Why did Portugal colonize Indonesia?

The Portuguese arrived in Indonesia in 1511 looking for natural resources and to promote Christianity.

Who replaced the Portuguese in the East Indies?

Decline and legacy. The Portuguese presence in the East Indies was reduced to Solor, Flores and Timor (see Portuguese Timor) following defeat in 1575 at Ternate at the hands of indigenous Ternateans, Dutch conquests in Ambon, north Maluku and Banda, and a general failure for sustained control of trade in the region.

Did the Portuguese control Indonesia?

At its height the Portuguese empire included Brazil, large parts of Africa and almost all the important trading areas in China, India, southeast Asia and present-day Indonesia.

Was Indonesia a Portuguese colony?

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 3 —Indonesia today completed its takeover of East Timor, end ing 400 years of Portuguese rule. A 37‐member People’s As‐I sembly, meeting in Dili, the capital of East Tinor, approved a resolution officially integrating the tiny colony with Indonesia as that country’s 27th province.

What is the main religion in Indonesia with about 90% of the population following this religion?

Religion in Indonesia

Percentage share (of total population) Absolute numbers (in millions)
Muslim 87.2 207.2
Protestant 6.9 16.5
Catholic 2.9 6.9
Hindu 1.7 4.0
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How long did the Dutch rule Indonesia?

Dutch rule from 1815 to c.

Before the 19th century, Indonesian societies had experienced considerable pressure from Europeans, but they had not been consumed by Western influences.

Why did the Portuguese and Dutch withdraw from India?

The Dutch East India Company, however, suffered from the same weakness as Portugal: lack of manpower. … The Battle of Hormuz in 1621/2 against the English East India Company resulted in the loss of the fortress of Hormuz to the combined forces of Persia and England which dislodged the Portuguese from the Middle East.

What did the DEIC seize from the Portuguese?

At dawn on February 25, 1603, three ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) seized the Santa Catarina, a Portuguese galleon. It was such a rich prize that its sale proceeds doubled the capital of the VOC.

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