Quick Answer: Is Lisbon Portugal dangerous?

Lisbon not only is very peaceful, but it’s also very safe! Portugal as a country is pretty easygoing. … Violent crime is rare, but other types of crime are on the rise, particularly in Lisbon. Lisbon and Porto are the main sources of petty (and violent) crime in the country.

Is Lisbon Portugal safe for tourists?

The main tourist areas of Lisbon are very safe, with a high-level police presence during the day and very few series crimes against tourists. Most series injuries or issues to tourist, only come about from excessive drinking (or other inebriation) or while partaking in dangerous and ill-advised activities.

Is Portugal dangerous for tourists?

Overall, Portugal is a safe country

Yes — extremely safe! Portugal even ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index in 2020. … Portugal is popular with travelers and pickpockets know it.

What is the murder rate in Lisbon?

The murder rate is consistently low, between 1 and 2 per 100,000 inhabitants per year (Figure 1).

Can you drink tap water in Lisbon?

Tap water in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal is perfectly safe to drink. It may taste slightly different from the water you drink back home, but it’s nothing to worry about — it’s merely because its mineral content is not what you’re used to.

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Is Lisbon expensive?

Lisbon is one of the least expensive capital cities in Europe to visit, and when compared to other major global cities, Lisbon provides exceptional value for money. … This value does not include accommodation (around €70-150 per room per night), flights or highly expensive gimmicky tours.

What is the best time to go to Lisbon?

The best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October, because the weather is still warm, hotel rates are cheaper and there are fewer crowds than in summer. In those seasons, you might also be able to squeeze in a few beach days. The summer sees hot temperatures and crowded shores.

What is illegal in Portugal?

Basically, yes. In 2001, Portugal became the first European country to decriminalise the possession of drugs. Since then, anyone can carry up to 10 doses of any drug on their person, from hashish to MDMA (ecstacy), cocaine and even heroin. These substances are still prohibited but the consumption is not.

Do people speak English in Portugal?

Approximately 32% of Portuguese people can speak and understand English, while 24% can speak and understand French. Despite Spanish being mutually intelligible in a sense that most Portuguese understand it written and/or spoken, only 9% of the Portuguese population can speak it fluently.

Can I drink the water in Portugal?

It’s generally safe and healthy to drink the public tap water across Portugal. Get a water filter such as TAPP 2 to improve the taste and reduce the risk of contaminants. Avoid plastic bottled water in Portugal as most plastic doesn’t get properly recycled.

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