Quick Answer: How far is Porto from Our Lady of Fátima?

Yes, the driving distance between Porto to Sanctuary of Fátima is 193 km. It takes approximately 1h 52m to drive from Porto to Sanctuary of Fátima.

How do you get from Porto to Fatima?

Porto to Fátima by bus. The bus journey time between Porto and Fátima is around 2h 19m and covers a distance of around 192 km. The fastest bus normally takes 2h 15m. Operated by Rede Expressos, RenEX, FlixBus and others, the Porto to Fátima bus service departs from Porto and arrives in Fatima.

Is Porto or Lisbon better to visit?

Porto: Porto’s smaller size means it’s easy to walk around and feel like you’ve covered a lot of ground in just a few days. … Lisbon: While there is plenty to explore here, Lisbon is much more spread out than Porto, and it’s a bit tougher to tackle solely on foot.

How many days do you need in Porto?

A full two days in Porto is enough time to hit plenty of highlights without feeling too rushed. However, having a third (or fourth) day will make for a more relaxing visit.

What part of Porto is best to stay?

Where to stay in Porto: Best areas to stay in Porto

  • Centro-Baixa, best area to stay in Porto. …
  • Ribeira, where to stay in Porto for nightlife. …
  • Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau and Vitória, very convenient neighborhood. …
  • Miragaia, a place to stay in Porto for a relaxing, laid back weekend.
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How many days should I spend in Lisbon and Porto?

How Much Time Should I Spend in Lisbon and Porto? The ideal breakdown is 2 full days in Lisbon and 2 full days in Porto. The remaining 3 days, you’ll stop in several places of interest on your travel from Lisbon to Porto.

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