Question: Who won the man of the match Chelsea vs Porto?

Man of the Match: Christian Pulišić (Chelsea)

Who was the man of the match for Chelsea?

Christian Pulisic was rewarded with the Man of the Match award following his performance during Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Sheffield United in the FA Cup quarter-finals.

Who has beaten Chelsea most?

The team that has beaten Chelsea the Most is Liverpool. The Merseyside club have beaten Chelsea More than any other team in the English League. Liverpool have beaten Chelsea 69 times. Other teams that come close to their record are Arsenal and Manchester United with 64 and 63 wins respectively.

Who is the man of the match today Euro 2021?

UEFA Euro 2020 Final

Wembley Stadium in London, before the final
Event UEFA Euro 2020
Date 11 July 2021
Venue Wembley Stadium, London
Man of the Match Leonardo Bonucci (Italy)

Who won the Champions League in 2020?

Who has most UCL MotM?

Most matches

  • Real Madrid. 451.
  • Bayern. 362.
  • Barcelona. 327.
  • Juventus. 287.
  • Man. United. 285.

Who won the last 10 Champions League?

Who is better Chelsea or Liverpool?

Is Liverpool FC better than Chelsea? Currently Chelsea has a better 1vs1 performance index with 332. Liverpool FC has 68 goals and Chelsea has a total of 58 goals. Our opinion is that currently Chelsea would win the match.

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How many times have Chelsea been relegated?

Despite their success in the Premier League era, The Blues have been relegated from the English top flight on six different occasions since their formation in 1905. The first demotion occurred as early as 1910, with the most recent relegation being in 1988.

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