Question: Where did the Spanish and Portuguese empires expand?

The longest and most ambitious trading route opened up by the Spanish in the 16th century was the passage across the Pacific, between the Philippines and America. This sea route led to the development of new commercial opportunities linking China, America and Europe across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Why did Portuguese Empire fall?

By the end of the 20th century these colonial empires were history. The rise of Soviet influence in the working class, and the cost of the Portuguese Colonial War (1961–1974), led to the collapse of the Portuguese Second Republic (Estado Novo) in 1974.

When was Portugal most powerful?

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal became a leading European power that ranked with England, France and Spain in terms of economic, political and cultural influence.

Why is Spain no longer a world power?

Spain has not been a major european power due of its intrinsic features, it is the place where one of the most powerful king settled, the spanish Hapsburg Philip II and his offspring lived around Madrid ( Valladolid, Aranjuez ) and the spaniards were good enough to be sailors and soldiers, the terceros, this enabled …

How long did Spanish empire last?

Spanish empire: 1492 – 1968 – Oxford Reference.

Why did Spain fall behind?

Many different factors, including the decentralized political nature of Spain, inefficient taxation, a succession of weak kings, power struggles in the Spanish court and a tendency to focus on the American colonies instead of Spain’s domestic economy, all contributed to the decline of the Habsburg rule of Spain.

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Did Portugal fight with Spain?

Spain (and its predecessors, Leon, Castille) have been at war with Portugal since the 12th century. And these wars meant invasions. Some were more succesful than others but, in most instances, Portugal managed to repel these invasions.

Why didn’t Spain colonize Africa?

Spain didn’t colonize outside of North Africa for several reasons. 1) They didn’t have to, since they had far more lucrative colonies in the New World. These had incredibly arable land, and brought in more money than colonies in Africa would.

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