Question: What does AAA mean in Portuguese?

abbreviated noun. 1. (= American Automobile Association) ≈ TCB m (BR) ⧫ ≈ ACP m (PT)

What does KD mean in Portuguese?

abbreviation. (= knocked down) em pedaços.

What does DLC mean in Portuguese?

Q dlç – abbreviation for “que delícia” that means “that’s delicious”, but if you’re talking of a person “She/he’s hot” Tá parei means “ok, I stopped”

What does VLW mean in Portuguese?

vlw (valeu) – Thanks, it was worth it.

What does AAA mean in texting?

AAA — Awesome Awesome Awesome.

What does Q mean in Portuguese?

q (o quê) – What. qdo (quando) – When. qnd (quando) – When. qq (qualquer) – Any.

What does KKKK mean in Brazil?

Kkkk stands for the sound you hear when people laugh out loud, like Kah, Kah, Kah, Kah, especially in a sense of discredit or disdain. Bonus: you can always use rsrsrs instead, which stands for risos (laughs).

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