Question: Is there a Lisbon Season 7?

What happens in season 7 of The Mentalist?

Season 7 is the final season of The Mentalist and which premiered on November 30, 2014. … After defeating his nemesis and escaping the FBI last season, Jane returns to Austin, Texas to join the FBI as a consultant under a contract organized by FBI Agent Dennis Abbott.

Does Lisbon come back?

In the third season, she comes back with a new name – Lisbon, and the series focuses heavily on her relationship with The Professor (Alvaro Morte). But in the fourth series, she goes back to working for the police and hopes to defeat the gang she had previously joined.

Why did The Mentalist end at season 7?

The earlier dipped ratings couldn’t be restored enough to stop CBS from pulling the plug on the show. The network even shortened the series finale season 7 to 13 episodes, while all the previous seasons had 20 episodes.

Why did the mentalist end so abruptly?

How did the show end? The show opened up with great ratings and a strong viewer base but that gradually declined following each season. The show slipped from 6th position to the 25th during the last season. So, CBS decided to have the show end before ratings got worse and free up the slot for something new.

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Did Lisbon die in the mentalist?

With The Mentalist’s fate in limbo last spring, the show’s creator Bruno Heller and top lieutenant Tom Szentgyorgyi gave fans a Jane-Lisbon happily ever after in the season’s finale, which ended with him stopping her plane and professing his love.

How did Lisbon get caught?

With the help of an outside crew and an unfortunate lookalike kidnapped from a salon, Lisbon was liberated while being transported and then smuggled into the Bank of Spain on a helicopter that the police were fooled into thinking was one of theirs.

Did Amanda Righetti have a baby?

Actress Amanda Righetti is a mom! The Mentalist star and her husband Jordan Alan welcomed their first child, a son, People reports. Knox Addison Alan was born on Jan. 10, her rep confirmed to People.

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