Question: Is moises Henriques Portuguese?

Moisés Constantino Henriques (/ˈmɔɪzɪs ɒnˈriːk/; born 1 February 1987) is a Portugal-born Australian professional cricketer who plays for Australia, New South Wales and the Sydney Sixers. An all-rounder, he is the first cricketer born in Portugal to play for Australia in an international match.

Where does Moises Henriques come from?

Is Moises Henriques good?

Henriques made his Test debut in 2013 for the tour to India. He was pretty impressive in his first game, scoring 68 in the first innings followed by an even better 81 in the second.

Moises Henriques.

Name Moises Henriques
Born February 01, 1987
Funchal, Portugal
Age 34 years 193 days

Who is Pat Cummins wife?

Kolkata Knight Riders pacer Pat Cummins met his pregnant partner, Becky Boston. A video of their reunion was shared on social media by well-known Australian sports journalist Chloe-Amanda Bailey, in which an emotional Cummins could be seen hugging Becky who couldn’t control her tears. “Video of the day!

Why is Moises Henriques not playing?

Henriques was selected for the tour of South Africa for a Test series, but the tour got postponed due to the covid-19 concerns – hence, he could not be selected in the T20I team as well to take on the neighbouring nation as both the series would have clashed.

Does Japan play cricket?

Cricket is a minor sport in Japan. It was introduced to the country by the British, with the first match played in 1863 and the first club formed in 1868, both in Yokohama. Until the 1980s, it was played almost exclusively by expatriates.

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Does Kenya play cricket?

The Kenya national cricket team represents the Republic of Kenya in international cricket. Kenya is an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) which has Twenty20 International (T20I) status after the ICC granted T20I status to all of their members.

Who is the captain of the Sydney Sixers?

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