Is there a train from Porto to Cascais?

Train or bus from Porto to Cascais? The best way to get from Porto to Cascais is to train which takes 4h 25m and costs €26 – €40. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €19 – €70 and takes 4h 40m.

How much is the train to Cascais?

Fares for the Linha de Cascais. A single ticket from Lisbon to Cascais requires a four-zone fare and costs €2.25/€1.15 (adult/child). There are no return tickets, so the price of a return is €4.50/€2.30 (adult/child); the price of two single tickets.

Is Cascais safe?

The beaches of Cascais are safe, with clean and calm sea waters, and are supervised in the summer. Cascais is significantly calmer than the larger resort towns along the Algarve coastline. As a country, Portugal is a very safe destination and the Portuguese are a family-focused nation.

Is it worth going to Cascais?

Today, Cascais is a charming town, which elegantly blends the fishing heritage, the 19th-century grandeur, and the expectations of modern tourism. Cascais is a popular holiday destination, but is equally suited for a day trip, with sufficient sights and activities to easily fill a day of sightseeing.

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Is there a train from Porto Portugal to Madrid Spain?

How can I travel by train from Porto to Madrid? There are no direct trains, so you will need to transfer along the way, likely in Coimbra, Portugal. The journey from Porto to Madrid by train takes 10 hours.

Can you walk from Cascais to Estoril?

The Cascais-Estoril promenade is an enjoyable 3km walk that extends from fishing town of Cascais to the small village of Sao Joao do Estoril. The route follows the sea walls and sea defences that line the beaches and rock outcrops of the coastline.

How much is a taxi from Lisbon airport to Cascais?

The average price of a taxi trip from Lisbon airport to Cascais is 40€. Without traffic, the ride takes around 35 minutes.

Which is nicer Estoril or Cascais?

We personally prefer Cascais to Estoril. There are many more sights and activities in Cascais, and the best beaches are easily accessible from both towns. Cascais makes for a great destination for a holiday; please click here to read our suggested guide for a one week holiday to Cascais.

Is Cascais walkable?

Cascais presents an almost unique feature in Portugal the fact that it is directed to the south beaches, very sheltered from wind and weather providing protected. … A discover precious also are the urban beaches of the village, within walking distance of downtown, with very calm waters.

How much time do you need in Cascais?

How many days to spend in Cascais, Portugal? If you’re short in time, then 1 day in Cascais will be enough to explore the cute historic centre of Cascais and you can even visit a beach. If you have more time, I’d recommend staying for at least 1-2 nights in Cascais.

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Can you visit Sintra and Cascais in one day?

It’s possible but it’s a bit tight. Some tours sold in hotels even do that in half-day. The thing is that Sintra, nothwest of Lisbon, has a lot to tour. Cascais/Estoril is basically beach.

Can you swim in Cascais?

The beaches in the center of Cascais have calm waters, but there are also waves for surfers. The coastline extending to the west of Lisbon leads to Cascais, an affluent seaside suburb. It’s known for its sandy beaches and a calm sea, although there are also waves for surfers.

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