Is the water warm in Lagos Portugal?

During those months, Lagos water temperature does not drop below 20°C and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. The average water temperature in Lagos in winter reaches 16°C, in spring 16°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 19°C, and in autumn it is 19°C.

What is the water temperature in Lagos Portugal?

Average annual water temperature on the coast in Lagos is 64°F, by the seasons: in winter 60°F, in spring 61°F, in summer 66°F, in autumn 67°F.

How warm is the water around Portugal?

Portugal water temperature today

Sea water temperature in some cities of Portugal is above 20°C and it is enough for comfortable bathing. The warmest sea temperature in Portugal today is 23.8°C (in Flores Island), and the coldest water temperature is 15.6°C (Povoa de Varzim).

Can you swim in Nazare Portugal?

Swimming is possible in Nazaré, but look for a more protected spot (in the direction of the cliffs) and keep an eye on the warning flags – the waves by the beach looked quite big even in spring.

Which is better Lagos or Albufeira?

Albufeira is very touristy with lots of Brits and a vibrant nightlife in the summer. Lagos is prettier, quieter, with more culture, and a more local feel. Both towns have a marina and nice beaches, though in Lagos they are located outside the town.

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Does Lagos have an old town?

Lagos is a busy coastal town in the Algarve that has all the things people love about the region. … Back in the centre of Lagos the old town is an exploring heaven, with Portuguese pavement in lovely patterns on its streets and sights that transport you to the Age of Discovery when explorers set sail from the port.

Is the water warm in Ibiza?

Ibiza located in the northern hemisphere, at latitude 38 degrees. … Average annual water temperature on the coast in Ibiza is 67°F, by the seasons: in winter 59°F, in spring 62°F, in summer 76°F, in autumn 71°F. Minimum water temperature (55°F) in Ibiza it happens in February, maximum (82°F) in August.

What is the sea temperature in Albufeira?

Today’s Albufeira sea temperature is 67 °F.

What is the sea temperature in Madeira?

The temperature of the sea in Madeira is not very high. In fact, it goes from 18 °C (64.5 °F) between February and April to 23.5 °C (74 °F) in September, and can be considered high enough for swimming from August to October. Here are the average sea temperatures.

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